Carp Food XL
Perfect Line

Knowledge in the field of ichthyology and fish feeding let us create a product that exceptionally effectively attracts fish. Using highest quality ingredients brings about surprisingly good fishing results. Available in 3 kg and 6 kg packs.

21 Available flavors

atlantic krill, banana, corn, crab, garlic, greenland halibut, halibut, hemp, mulberry, mulberry&salmon, peach, peach&crab, pineapple, plum, potato, rose, scopex, strawberry, tiger nut, vanilla, vanilla&honey


for both muddy, overgrown as well as sandy bottom with high angling pressure.

Success guarantee:

unique taste of the mixture and intensive scent, which stays in a water for a long time.

Intended use:

catch of biggest fishes of carp family (white amur in particular).