Attract Booster
Perfect Line

Excellent composition of fluid ingredients and aromas reinforces smell effect that attracts biggest specimens. Used as an additive for baits and to impregnate ground baits so they emit smell that attracts fish for a long time.

25 Available flavors

atlantic krill, banana, blackcurrant, chironomus, corn, crab, forest fruits, garlic, greenland halibut, halibut, hemp, kiwi, mulberry, mulberry&salmon, peach, peach&crab, pineapple, plum, potato, rose, scopex, strawberry, tiger nut, vanilla, vanilla&honey


It will be successful in each water reservoir.

Success guarantee:

It attracts fish fast and intensively, and the reinforced effect stays for a long time.

Intended use:

Catch of biggest fishes of carp family (white amur in particular).