Nano Baits
New quality of fishing

Nano Baits brand is a completely new quality on the angling market. We are starting already on the highest level by proposing solutions that were tested in laboratories and checked in natural conditions. We combine passion for angling with state-of-the-art technologies. We meet every requirement, as we clearly understand exceptional needs of anglers. The highest quality that ensures effectiveness of baits and ground baits is the most important for us, and that is why we have paid special attention to it right from the beginning. We have been enjoying fishing for years, and today we have an opportunity to create products, the effect of which will come as a complete surprise to you, offering results that so far you could only dream of. The experience that we gathered strengthen our conviction that Nano Baits items should prove better, more durable, more effective than anything you have tried so far.

Our products are made with the use of machines, which guarantee reaching set parameters, and, as a consequence, these products are exactly what we wish them to be. We developed them with exceptional care for the quality of ingredients. Especially for you, we tested and selected the best grains and flour, whereas the enriching and aromatic additives have been prepared in such a way as to provide you with maximum effectiveness of your catch. The ingredients that we use are of a full value, and their composition is accurately and fairly specified. We have used proved components, submitting them to tests in our laboratory, which translated into amazing results in natural environment.

We tried our products in fisheries numerous times. Nano Baits will let you catch biggest specimens available in a water reservoir, and this information is confirmed by users' opinions.

While caring for composition we do not forget about the package, which ensures durability of product advantages. Magic balls Nano Baits require special protection. We secure the valuable content in aesthetic bags and jars, which stand out for their extraordinary package design. The most significant, though, is a solid manufacturing, with the use of best, selected materials for storing food, that guarantees comfort and quality maintenance for a long time. Nano Baits articles are prepared in such a way that they can be coupled in angling sets and combinations of baits and ground baits that will allow drawing pleasure from fishing and wonderful catches, regardless of your wallet.

We bet on highest quality. Effects of Nano Baits products are visible straight away. When testing them, you will once again discover pleasure of fishing, reaching results better than usual. While testing, the only risk you take is that from then on you might not fancy the idea to go angling to fisheries of carp family fishes without a stock of our baits and ground baits. Well, that is the way Nano Baits magic works.


Our products are made with highest precision, from working out the composition, through production stage and, finally, when placing them in packages of exceptional design. We carefully select only the most valuable components, running tests and trials so as to have best final effectiveness. We maintain highest production norms and standards as it comes to quality of the process, methods of ingredient mixing and selection of adequate consistency of baits and ground baits.

We make use of state-of-the-art technologies and scientific research, drawing knowledge from the contemporary ichthyology. In our laboratory, we submit our products to tests in order to create an ideal formula. We select and choose the ingredients with the highest diligence. In laboratory conditions special smelly aromas (Aroma-Fusion®), as well as taste components (Flavour Essences Blend®) and the mix of amino-acids (Special Amino Matrix®) were developed.

Composition of the product is based on components of  a full value and specified quantity. The machines that we use, guarantee invariability of the product and the effect matching expectations. The newest technologies ensure keeping full nutritive value of grains, flour and additives. We developed the Max Dose® system, which guarantees maximum doses of key ingredients and enticing aromas. You can be sure that the composition of the product is constant and has been checked.

Already at first use you will be surprised by increased range of effect. We spent lot of time and efforts to develop ideal formula. A series of tests run allowed us to reach exceptional effectiveness in enticing fishes of carp family. Maximum effectiveness must be credited to studies in laboratory conditions and trials in natural environment, thanks to which Nano Baits substantially surpass expectation when acting in water.

Effects of Nano Baits used in water stay extraordinarily long, and are incomparable to those of the products available on the market. Specially designed composition results in gradual release of enticing substances, which significantly extends the time of their action. Adequate size of molecules makes that the products of Nano Baits Perfect Line series are stable in water environment and are not subject to disintegration too quickly, thus maintaining maximum effectiveness.

Enticing ingredients of  Nano Baits products act fast, while keeping their effectiveness long. Special properties of Aroma-Fusion®, the exceptional mix, guarantee unprecedented effectiveness in attracting fish. We prepare aromatic additives with extraordinary care to provide you with successful catch. Aroma-Fusion® mix, created in laboratory conditions, contains exclusively proven aromatic ingredients, and thanks to this, regardless of a chosen taste of product, fishing will bring unexpectedly good results.